Welcome to the website of Sinus Magnettechnik Gmbh Neubrandenburg

We offer ...

Services in the field of the use of permanent magnets

Development and manufacturing of magnetizers and magnetizing fixtures for charging permanent magnets

Integration into automated production processes

We also run sample magnetization.


Welcome to the website of Sinus Magnettechnik Gmbh.
our headquarter in Neubrandenburg
We are a 1999 founded manufacturer of custom made magnetizing systems.

From the beginning it was are desire to provide our customers worldwide inexpensive, high quality and innovative solutions in the area of Magnetizing. This we reach due to concentration on magnetizing systems.
But by a close cooperation with manufacturer of measuring systems and handlings systems we can also provide magnetizer with integrated measuring systems for automated production lines.

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Magnetizer Information about our products and services can be found here.


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